Welcome to Coach Christina Listens! A safe place where you can be heard with empathy, sympathy and without judgement. I recently graduated from the Institute of Professional Grief Coaching's From Grief to Gratitude course with Dora Carpenter and am now a certified grief coach specializing in Pet Loss. I am currently working on earning more hours toward my ICF accreditation and becoming a general life coach. I have over 30 years experience with personal grief due to the many losses of close family members, friends and pets. My father passed away when I was 21 years old and my mother is currently on hospice. Through these years, I have worked in retail stores, restaurants, the State's Attorney's Office and three behavioral health practices. I have been around many different types of people and celebrated their happy moments and guided them through their unhappy moments. Four years ago, I realized coaching is my true passion and calling in life. I also own a pet-sitting business because I genuinely love all animals and that is what made me realize my niche in grief coaching is pet loss. If you feel lost, lonely, frustrated, don't know where to turn, don't know what to do, if you feel like nobody listens to you, nobody understands you, nobody gets you, there is no need to feel like that anymore. I am here for you. I can guide you through your grief journey and general life journey. I can help you see where you shine, by empowering you, encouraging you and educating you. I offer private and group coaching. As a member, you will have exclusive insight to more tools and resources, workshops and webinars designed for your benefit.